ICTP-SAIFR School on Spectroscopy in Astrophysics and Laboratory Plasmas

ICTP-SAIFR School on Spectroscopy in Astrophysics and Laboratory Plasmas

Start time: July 8, 2016
Ends on: July 9, 2016
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Beatriz Barbuy (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil )
  • Claudio Mendoza (Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas – IVIC, Venezuela)
  • Beatriz Barbuy (USP, Brazil) & Jorge Meléndez (USP, Brazil): Spectroscopy of cool stars 
  • Peter Beiersdorfer (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA):  Modern techniques in plasma spectroscopy in astrophysics
  • Claudio Mendoza (IVIC, Venezuela): High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy on the eve of Astro-H
  • Alla Safronova (University of Nevada-Reno, USA): X-ray spectroscopy of Z-pinches
  • Grazyna Stasinska (Observatoire Paris-Site de Meudon-LUTH, France): Problems of abundance determinations in emission-line nebulae
Spectroscopy is the most powerful tool in astrophysics and, in the near future, astronomers will have access to large Observatories and projects of giant telescopes. The purpose of this two-day school  is to improve the knowledge of students and young researchers in this area.
This activity will be preceded by the ‘12th International Colloquium on Atomic Spectra and Oscillator Strengths for Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasmas (ASOS12)’ to be held at USP-São Paulo on July 4-7, 2016.

Application deadline: June 20, 2016